Staff Directory

Our highly-qualified, experienced, and energetic teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds and are committed to meet every student’s educational needs. Our administrative staff supports teachers, students and parents with every facet of daily life at school. Whether it be mopping the halls, printing memos or budgeting expenses they keep our school running smoothly every day of the year.

Our Staff:

Cauchi, Derrek Principal
D’Onofrio, Carmela School Secretary
D'Orso, Maurizio Activities & Events Facilitator
Marussi, Marco Tech
Teaching Staff
Illiakis, Anna Pre-K (Bilingual)
Theophilopoulos, Vicki Kindergarten (Bilingual)
Mentzelos, Mary Grade 1 (French)
Kornitzer, Shirley Grade 1 (English)
Yunger, Marlee Grade 2 (Bilingual)
Dousett, Maja Grade 3 (English)
Singh, Jaspal Grade 3 (French)
Salloum, Alessandra Grade 4 (Bilingual)
Veroutis, Helen Grade 5 (English)
Chouinard, Jasmine Grade 5 (French)
Zinicola, Stephanie Grade 6 (English)
Juteau, Isabelle Grade 6 (French)
Patel, Deep Health Wellness
Bélizaire, Jacques-Emmanuel Music / Drama
Danovitch, Scott Phys-ED
Arvanitis, Ekaterini Resource Teacher
Kouremenos, Despina Resource Teacher
Reis-Carreira, Melanie Resource Teacher
Iliyan, Mervat Resource Teacher
Soukiassian, Rubina Resource Teacher
Support and Professional Staff
Kotsiris, Peter Day Caretaker
Alphord, Guy H (Peter) Evening Caretaker
Brown, Emma OT (Occupational Therapist)
Choy, Puynung (Caroline) Spiritual Animator
Perlman, Kira Speech-Language Pathologist
Félix-Antoine Buisson Student Mentor
Moїse, Lena Psychologist
Special Needs Technicians
Reddy, Sean Behavior Technician
Bizdikian, Jessica Child Care Worker
Brisindi, Kristine Child Care Worker
Cynth Tagubar, Anjelica Child Care Worker
Mend, Bella Child Care Worker
Yung, Regina Child Care Worker
C.S.S.S. Workers
Dallaire, Manon Dental Hygienist
Karpinski, Julia Social Worker
Leduc, Sylvie School Nurse
Daycare Staff
Portaro, Pina Daycare Technician
Bhuiyan, Feroza Daycare Educator
Sarganis-Williams, Koula Daycare Educator
Lunch Monitors
Clarke, Jocelyn Antoinette Lunch Monitor
Voutselas, Angela Lunch Monitor
Ligris, Bessie Lunch Monitor