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Feb 26, 2021
COVID-19 Newsletter #10
Welcome to the TENTH EDITION of our COVID-19 newsletter,...
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Feb 25, 2021
Chair’s Message: EMSB Calls upon the government to cover more than $10 million in COVID-19 expenses not budgeted
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Feb 18, 2021
A Future Letter to Myself
Grade 6 Exciting Project
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Feb 17, 2021
Webinaire -Le Feu Follet pour les élèves
What's It Like to be a Firefighter?
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Feb 15, 2021
Carnival Games at SL
Ready, Set, GO!
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Feb 11, 2021
Valentine's Day Celebration
Love Is All Around
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Feb 10, 2021
Québec’s English School Eligibility
What is English ELIGIBILITY Under the charter of French...
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Feb 09, 2021
Valentine's Day
On Thursday, February 11th, Dress Down Day at SL
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