Making a difference, one student at a time.

About Sinclair Laird Elementary School

Sinclair Laird Elementary School in Parc Extension reflects the multi-cultural flavour of its neighbourhood, providing to all of our students the opportunity to acquire important skills and knowledge to succeed co-operatively in our modern world.

Our dedicated and experienced team of teachers and support staff work collaboratively with our parents to help each child reach his or her greatest potential. Our students, teachers and parents bring with them a diverse range of abilities and cultures. We would like to enable our students to capitalize on their potential by providing enriched and differentiated programs. We aim to create in our school a bilingual literacy rich environment, and encourage parental involvement.


Our History

Sinclair Laird School was built in 1956 and first opened its doors on January 30th 1957. Located in the heart of Park Extension, the school was named after Sinclair Laird (1884-1954), the former Dean of School for Teachers at McDonald College and McGill University from 1913-1949. Today, the school continues to grow as it welcomed a new extension in 1999 to better serve its population: children from Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that all children can learn
  • Learning must be made relevant, meaningful and enjoyable so that each child will have the desire to learn not only today but throughout his/her lifetime.
  • The development of mind and body are equally important.
  • Teaching should take into consideration each child’s needs and abilities and allow self-discovery of strengths and interests.
  • Learning is an enriching experience in which each students is challenged and praised for continued effort and progress.
  • Children learn best in a safe and secure environment.
  • Parents, teachers and students must respect each others’ diversities in language, religion, academic and physical abilities.
  • Ethnicity, culture and lifestyle must be respected.
  • Parents, teachers and community share in the responsibility for the child’s learning and development of life skills.