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The Importance of Sleep ZZZ

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sufficient sleep for children is definitely important for your child's development.While they sleep, the brain integrates what they have learned during the day. It helps manage with their emotions and strengthens their immune system.

With lack of sleep, they may be more irritable, get sick more often, or agressive. There may also be a lack of concentration because he/she is tired.

To help your child fall asleep more easily, create a calm and relaxing environment. Establishing a routine adapted to their age, is a great idea. Three or four easy steps that your child can repeat everyday. (Ex: bath, brushing, washing, story-time, bedtime).

If your child is afraid of the dark, or monsters under the bed, try keeping a night-light opened for them. Also, playing soft music can help as well.

Most important, avoid letting your child play games or screen devices before bed. This does cause excitement and it will be more difficult for your child to be in a relaxed and calm state. 

Sleep is very important for all of us!

ZZZ-Sleep well and sweet dreams!